I’m Çağdaş Dağ, a WordPress developer & computer engineer from İstanbul, Turkey.

I’m working as a full-stack web developer in Visual Composer. I’m also a certified expert and proud member of Codeable – which is the home of the top 2% WordPress talents. With a straight 5-star rating I’m making my clients happy every day. 

I create open-source projects and plugins for the community.

You can find additional information about my work experiences below.

1 Visual Composer – 10/2019 ~

Visual Composer is the most popular website builder plugin in WordPress. As a WordPress Developer, working on a plugin used by thousands of users has given me great experiences.

2 Codeable – 03/2019 ~

Codeable is a freelancer platform for the top 2% WordPress talents. With a straight 5-star rating I’m making my clients happy every day. My profile link: https://codeable.io/developers/cagdas-dag/

3 Freelancer.com – 12/2018 ~

I’m a Preferred Freelancer in Freelancer.com. I have a lot of happy customers. My profile link: https://www.freelancer.com/u/cagdasdag

4 Zeo – 02/2018 ~ 06/2019

Zeo is the biggest Seo Agency in Turkey. I worked remotely as a Web Developer. Especially working with WordPress. I am developing internal SEO tools and I’m helping our customers with technical issues.

5 Infomedya – 11/2016 ~ 08/2018

I played an active role in all back-end software development processes in İnfomedya. We made custom websites with our custom CMS systems to customers. I work remotely at this company.

6 Simenty – 02/2016 ~ 11/2016

Simenty is a startup company based in Izmir/Turkey. I worked remotely. I have been involved in the management of a front end team and the development of existing tools.

7 FF – 12/2014 ~ 03/2016

This company is especially working with WordPress. I worked both in front-end and back-end development of software.